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22nd April 2003

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#1 17 years ago

I'm new with modding and i've tried creating a superweapon clone for GLA but when i try to use it theres only an X mark and cannot be activated. I think one of my prob is the ENUM... i can't seem to find where it links to... so i just copied an ENUM of another superweapon.

I've managed to add abilities to my other units, like the ranger having 3 skills instead of 2: capture bldg, flash, and HE grenades, but thats because i've managed to see where the commands of the ini code regarding ordinary weapons links to in what other ini file.. its only with superweapons that i can't seem to see where the heck ENUM leads to... Is it hard coded?? Can anybody tell me where exactly is it linked to or what exactly does it do so i can finish my new superweapon unit clone?

My superweapon unit for GLA is an Airliner that would target a certain area and would dive like the A10thunderstrike then detonate like a carbomb when it hits the target area... like a HiJacked suicide airliner. I think it is a better equivalent with USA's carpetbomb and China's Napalmstrike because it is possible for the defenses of the opponent to counter.

Any Comment about how the Enum in SPECIALWEAPON works would be greatly appreciated.