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28th March 2003

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#1 18 years ago

Ive heard many people who are making mods "plus im interested" talk about how they would really like some new ideas for GLA units because of each factions distinct technologies. There have been plenty of good ideas for the USA, and china could always have more nuclear-related stuff, but as for the GLA. A lot of people are clueless as to what else to add. If there arent enough ideas, all the new mods will be unbalanced towards the US and China. So I thought this li'l thread could be the place where everyone could throw down their unit ideas and the modders and whatnot could use this as a resource. Throw down your ideas here guys...

Heres a few of mine btw,

GLA RPG truck, "similar to the technical but with more armor and punch"

Trenches "A garrisonable building that is partially underground and is super-resistant to attacks"

Terrorist Van "truck full of respawning suicide troops" Dune tank "similar to maraudar but much more, powerful, and expensive"

Balloon bombs "they float up from the building and slowly drift over the enemy and explode"

Balloon mines "indestructable mines, a plane flies through the cable attached between the balloon and the ground and gets cut in half or looses a wing and dies"

Scud tower "tower with two scud launchers "maybe a guided missle with scud animation and image" that kills stuff"

Experimental weapons bunker "storage for all discontinued american and other countries experimental weapons"

Mine layer "tank that can lay mines like a chinese building but can move, mines still cost money and are stronger than chinese mines"

Radiation cannons, "spew radioactive materials"

Sattelite redirect "causes a hacked sattelite to fall out of the sky on enemies"

Armored carrier tank "a tank that can hold troops within that can fire out of the tanks open sides, similar to a mobile bunker"

Hind helicopter

Suicide Blimp

Cluster Cannon "Cannon that launcher explosive or anthrax cluster bombs"

Just some ideas "yah i know, some are corny"