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25th September 2002

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#1 17 years ago

If I could mod I would do so much to this game, because there is so much available to do. I don’t know how many people would agree with me but I would do the following.

I would change the airfields so that they would be bigger and look more authentic. Such as longer runways, that also cross, and have standby lanes. I would personally have four runways each launching two fighters or one large plane such as a B2. The airfield would have four hangers each holding two planes, also the planes would stay in the hangers so as the opponent would be unable to see your craft. The airfield would also have two fighters already on the runway so as to take off immediately. The airfield would also have a heliport that can hold eight landed helicopters. The airfield would also have a defence of two Vulcan Chain Guns. The Airfield would be built in an upgraded way, new sections being added at certain prices, as the airfield as four hangers an example of the building process would be $1000 for two hangers and a runway, and the heliport an additional thousand.

Also in my imaginary mega mod I would obviously have new units. Such as the ones bellow.

Air Units

Recon Plane - No Weapons, but large radar coverage

F16c Falcon - Replacement for the Raptor Fighter

F-22 Raptor Bomber - A Raptor with four laser guided bombs

A10 Thunderbolt - Each A10 would have its own target area, like when you call them in

B2 Bomber - Four Tomahawk Cruise Missiles, you set a target for each missile (Individual Targeting)

C-130 Hercules - Twenty Troops of your choice that you build in the barracks all-parachuting in. - Or Five Hummers that can either be parachuted in or landed - Or Four Crusaders / Paladins which have to be landed

B52 - You get to choose the payload, of either - Carpet Bombs - Fuel Bomb - Five Cruise Missiles (Individual Targeting)

B1 Bone - You get to choose a payload, of either - Five Laser Bombs (Individual Targeting) - Two Cruise Missiles (Individual Targeting) Helicopters

Little Birds - Fast, Manoeuvrable, Low Armour, can carry Four Units, and armed with Four Rockets and Two Chain Guns

Huey’s - Medium Speed, Armour, and Manoeuvrability, can carry Six Units, and armed with Six Rockets, and Two Chain Guns

Blackhawk - Slow, but strong Armour, Little Manoeuvrability, can carry Ten Units, and armed with Two Chain Guns

Combat Chinook - Slow, but strong Armour, Little Manoeuvrability, can carry Four Hummers or Two Vehicles

New Infantry



Commando - Places Charges - Strong Machine Gun - Grenades - Flash Bangs - Claymores - Sniper Rifle - Can Swim - Sam Fisher Skin

Sniper - Black Uniform, No Camouflage - Can Disable Vehicles

Spy - Sees hidden units - Infiltrates Buildings, so that you see what they are building - Captures Buildings including defences

New Vehicles

Armoured Transport with a chain gun

Paladin Tank with two turrets

Hovercraft - Ten Infantry or Five Vehicles

Infiltration Transport - Armoured transport that can be disguised

Helicopter Movements

Helicopters would have a new movement system that would be accessed in the units menu in a tick box form under three headings, Transit Modes, Upon Arrival Modes, Landing Modes, and Unit Insertion Modes.

Transit Modes

· Terrain Following - Slow but hugs the ground and takes cover through streets and behind Buildings · Direct - Fastest, no cover · RTB - Return to base and repair (This is a button)

Upon Arrival Modes

· Combat Drop all Troops (Doesn’t matter what type of unit) · Land and Deploy Troops · Patrol - Helicopter Circles Area · Strafe Target Area (with a sub option of deployment of troops before or after strafing run) (Can be selected with another Arrival Mode) (Select Number of Times Max. 5) · Do Not Deploy

Landing Modes

· Straight Down - Fast Unit Deployment, Slow Helicopter Extraction) · Plane Mode - Like how a plane lands and takes off (Fast Unit Deployment, Fast Helicopter Extraction, can set the distances for when to descend and ascend) · Land on building - (Fast building occupation, can be used with either straight down or plane mode) · Land - Stays Landed (can be used with either straight down or plane mode)

Unit Insertion Modes

(Can be used in any transport unit)

· Occupy Nearest Building · Create perimeter (You can set distance) · Clear Immediate vicinity

C-130 Hercules

The C-130 Hercules also has theses Modes, as well as one other, Para-drop Modes, however the Hercules has several modes disabled, this include:

All Upon Arrival Modes

The Landing Modes - Straight Down, and Land on Building

The C-130 however has an additional menu for the selection of the types of Para-drops

Para-Drop Modes

· Para-Drop to Individual Locations · Para-Drop all to selected Location

New Menu System

The menu systems have side buttons to access different menus. I.e. The Construction Units have menu’s for the different types of buildings, such as defences and construction buildings ect. The same would apply for Combat Units, i.e. Weapons, Commands, Target Preferences. The menus also have scroll buttons for menus that have lots of options.

This concludes my mega mod.

My finishing statement, I Wish I Could Mod


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28th April 2003

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#2 17 years ago

that's nice, 2 bad it would unbalance the game so bad that the only side that would have a ghance to win would b usa... :uhoh:


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29th July 2003

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#3 17 years ago

gud concept. but how about china and the gla? they would be the sure losers arent they?

:rock: :moon:


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25th September 2002

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#4 17 years ago

well i would have done some stuff for china and the GLA, which is comming soon but i thought that the post was already a bit long so i didn't want to go on forever and ever so that i would get replies that were saying that i wright too much


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19th March 2003

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#5 17 years ago

Why don't you write your ideas to some mod-teams?! maybe they are happy about some creative ideas.