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I want to be like the Admins

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19th March 2003

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#151 17 years ago

uh hum, excuse me can u plz tell me if i can be in your mod team as a modellor or not?

Kerian Advanced Member

tensa Zangetsu

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31st December 2032

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#152 17 years ago

If u want to know contact LegolasArcher u could try emailing him dont know how often he checks here gut he's the boss so talk to him i guess.

P.S. Although i would excect him to say yes dont take my word for it.


GF makes me horny

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27th May 2003

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#153 17 years ago

Is there a chance that i can download your apache model?

I suck at gmax an

I have an apache in the game but the model isn't very good


TTC Elite Mods

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6th May 2003

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#154 17 years ago

hey grizz i have 3 different models of the apache on my site