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10th April 2003

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#1 18 years ago

I was just sitting at my seat playing generals, when an awesome thought hit my head. Make a kickass mod. And the kickass mod was......HALO!!!! I was thinking that if i could get some modelers and coders 2gether, we could make a sweet conversion of the game into halo format. It would be Human V Covenant (maybe the flood, but not initially) Here are the Units I think should be on each team

HUMAN: (all of the marines use same model, but different guns in hteir hands)

Marine - needs a new model (hes like a ranger, just no flashbangs)

Sniper Marine - needs a new model as well

Rocket Marine - needs new model as well

Hero: Master Chief (duh) - thinking he would be like burton, just instead of a knife, it would be an assault rifle thwap. He also needs a model

Atv - model is just a rocket buggy w/o rockets and can hold up to 2 ppl that fire outta it

Warthog - Needs new model has 1 person that can get on and use the turret, and one in side seat

Scorpion - new model as well (no its not the same as the GLA scorpion) can hold up to 4 additional ppl as well

Pelican dropship - needs model

longsword fighter - (its the name of the thing that the chief escapes halo in) needs model as well

I have no clue as of yet will be the resource gatherer, and i could use some more units. Ideas are appreciated.


grunt - needs model, 2 @ a time like the chinese

Elite - needs model

rocket grunt - needs model

Hero: Hunter -needs model

vehicles Mortar tank (wraith) -needs model

ghost - needs model

banshee - needs model

dropship - needs model

no idea for resource gatherer

As you can see, i need modelers bad. I can see whatever i can do to get you any software u need. If you are interested contact me @ [email][/email]. PS i also could use some coders if they are interested



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23rd March 2003

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#2 18 years ago

Covie resource gatherers should be grunts. They are the slaves...