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28th June 2003

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#1 15 years ago

Features of the Gunrun's Mod:

1) Maximum cash limit; 999,999 credits while battling

2) "Realistic" building armor and unit power

3) Faster promotions

4) More realistic weapons

5) Farther camera distance; zoom in/out closer and farther than before. (this time actualy included, sorry for the lies)

6) Beta: Fixed General's FPS Limit. Now, instead of the default and unchangable 30 fps limit, it is now 40 fps.

7) All building and units will only take 5 seconds to bebuilt.

8) All power plants have been modifyed so you will only require one powerplant to power your base. ========================================================================== Updates from last Gunrun Mod:

1) Fixed the known bug from the last version of the mod.

2) Simple reliability tweak; should fix errors with the blacking out of the zoom in.

3) Fixed the anthrax feild bomb situation.

4) Superweapons have all been modifyed to not be able to destroy or damage a whole map in just one blow.

5) The Nuke cannon for the china side's weapon has been modifyed to be able to lunch the nuke farther and the nuke will destroy more.

6) Camera's farthest distance is now increased to increase base security.

7) Name has been changed so ill get more recognishion.

8) The Building speeds

9) Power plants proudce much more power. ========================================================================== Instructions:

1) Place the folder named ini into the generals data directory. (i.e: C:/Program Files/EA Games/Command and Conquer Generals/Data/)

2) Run Generals and enjoy!