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5th December 2003

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#1 14 years ago

I looked at a bunch of tutorials and nothing covers this. I have no freaking water!!!


I used to have it, but I don't know why it's not there anymore. How can I get it back?!

Normal map with water and light blue border - http://www.cncden.com/worldbuilder/screens2/Wb59.JPG


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15th November 2003

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#2 14 years ago

OK, don't sweat it... I have done this on accident to but I have learned from my mistake.

A: Load the map..lol B: Select the water tool C:Now you're going to get some interesing options as you may have seen "River" and "Water Polygon". What these do is they create your rivers and lakes. For rivers, click the river button and then make at least 6 even points to start, on #6 right click to finish. This will make a small river that can be expanded and turned. The water polygon is a little more complex, it fills in trenches by calculating edges at given points. "Point spacing for water polygons and rivers" is a field that lets you choose the smoothness or the distance between each point when the lake is made. Lets say you make a trench and set the point spacing to 1, well in this case there will be a point evey 1 block, and eventually you PC crashes. 20-50 is reasonable, giving complexity to the curves and still not sacraficing performance. If you find that your lake/river is too large or covers the wrong area, then lower it's height, delete it, and click in the trench again to give the desired size. -IF, you have deleted your main water polygon, you can restore it by clicking the Polygon button, and then clicking in the map area once. If the lake hits any cliffsides, raise it to the maximum height, delete it, then make it once again. This should give you a square covering the entire map, now you simply have to lower it to the desired level. -The reason for raising the water and then deleting it is odd, if you raise the height without a water polygon selected then it does not save that value for the next lake/river created. Lets say you raise your height to 14 at first with no water, when you make your water polygon it will reset to its default level. If you raise it to 14 with a polygon selected, it will save this value for later use. A simple way to fix this is to make a small polygon off to the side to make your adjustments, but only do that if you are making alot of rivers/lakes.

Thank you for the images, they help alot when explaining an issue. I honestly hope this helps, if you still have problems, then tell me by Private Message or reply to this post and I will see what else I can help you with.... :nodding: