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20th January 2004

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#1 14 years ago

There is a good Generals site I visit, that some of you may have also. It is generalsfiles.com. Anyway, they have a Picture of the Day program, and one of them I have a question about (the URL to it is below.) I did not post this orginally on that POTD's thread because I thought that no one would find my message and thus not respond to it, as I do not know how the "new message" system on that site works. http://generalsfiles.com/file.potd?ID=14751 Well, I have two questions about it. 1) How do you exactly edit the files to get white anthrax? I have an idea for a POTD utilizing this effect. 2) What is the easter egg mentioned there? Unless I'm stupid, it does not directly say how to get it or what it is. If you could answer either of these, I would appreciate it and thank you in advance.