ZH v1.02 Skirmish AI/Map Question(s) for the Scripters/Mappers.. -1 reply

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5th March 2003

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#1 14 years ago

I decided after a long lull that I'd try my hand at the ZH's SkirmishScripts.scb file to see if I could augment some of my ideas to optimize the AI's behaviour.

I decided to look at that 2.16mb monstrosity and damn is it slow working with it?!? Turn auto-verify on and even on my uber-fast machine it can take up to a minute to get anything to happen.

Anyway.. this is real wierd.. When I go into WorldBuilder, click EDIT PLAYERS, click ADD SKIRMISH PLAYERS, Click OK, go to EDIT/SCRIPTS, click IMPORT, select SkirmishScripts.scb and start playing with it. If I simply save it without making any changes as an .scb file, and use it as my main script file, launch ZH and try and play a Skirmish game, after 2-5 sec my buildings + all AI player buildings will auto-sell and I am defeated. Why? What gives?

Does this happen with anyone? Seems bizzare.


o How does one tell AI players to move around a cliff/mount/lake to get to any enemy when that enemy is literally on the other side of that cliff/mount/lake? Currently, AIs will, on average, clutter around the cliff/mount/lake directly on the opposite side of where the enemy is instead of going around. This can also happen to my dozer/workers when I ask them to build on the other side of the cliff/mount/lake. Map issue?

Thanks all!


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15th November 2003

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#2 14 years ago

I have not heard of this "skirmishscripts.scb" file. But you may want to check for loops/inconsistensies in the scripts. Basically look for a script that contradicts another.

As for the mountain issue, that is an easy one, for me at least.

Select the waypoint tool. Click and drag waypoints from the enemy innerborder to your innerborder and then simply check the option to make them Bi-directional so they work both ways. You can mx and match waypoints all over for various items, but for the basic around the mountain just make them from point A-B along a path around the mountain.