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#1 7 years ago

First things first, I must say I'm a great necromancer, I'm necroing the entire forum. But afaik, necroing forums is not against the rules (which is weird since necroing threads is). Anyway, I have a guy Sith Assassin. I have played with him, Ashara hates him for being primarily Dark so no romance there (he's inactive at 38). So I made a girl Sith Assassin (she's active at 27). Apart from the voice-acting, which is considerably more awesome, I like Andronikos, I wanted to see how it was to romance him. Surprise! Andronikos romance was hilarious, seemed like both him and my Assassin were teens. Without the annoying teen romance habit of kissing every few seconds though. As the new Assassin progresses, she's Light-side, which doesn't always make sense but she can become friends with Ashara, eventually...