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#1 9 years ago

Ok, so after making 10+ characters, and replaying certain class stories with differently aligned characters, I've noticed a horrible flaw in TOR's choice system. Granted, I haven't made every choice, nor played every class, so I don't expect that this holds true for ALL classes, but definitely for the Sith/Jedi Classes. No real spoilers ahead.

I'll start by looking at a Jedi. Defenders of peace and all that is good and "light", one might say the "default" alignment for a Jedi is Light Side. This is manifested in that most decisions you have to make as a Jedi, have the "best" outcome when you choose the light side option. Now, assume you make a Dark Jedi, well then you'd make all these dark choices, and quite often, those decisions blow up in your face. This is to be expected, I mean, when a Jedi takes the path of greed and destruction, we want there to be some consequences right? That makes the story more dynamic, nothing wrong here.

Now, switch sides. You're a Sith, and your default or "expected" choices are going to be Dark Side. Now, not always, but these seem to be rewarded most by the game too. As if Bioware put more thought into the expected outcomes. If you were to make a Light Sith, you'd find that you have the same punishment for doing light side as a Jedi would dark side. This would be fine if it didn't almost always lead to the same end, ultimately making the Jedi- Guardians of Peace and Justice- look like unreasonable vigilantes.

As a Jedi, you can offer mercy to a Sith, and he'll often spit in your face, maybe attack you, forcing you to kill him. This is to be expected. But if you claim you don't want to fight a Jedi as a Light Sith, they'll spout some nonsense about justice demanding all Sith must die, or that you must somehow be lying. Which makes even LESS sense seeing as Jedi at least claim they can sense the darkness inside someone. If I have no darkness in me, they should know, right?

Unfortunately, this doesn't seem like an inconsistency that can actually be addressed, I just want to know if anyone shares my feelings on the matter.


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#2 9 years ago

UPDATE: Yep, I found the worst light side choice ever on Taris. (Empire Taris Spoilers ahead)

So there's these sentient rakghouls called nekghouls that can use the force. Your mission, is of course to kill their Jedi Master trainer and eliminate the nekghouls as a problem. So you kill the Jedi Master, and you are presented with two choices. Either A. Kill the Nekghouls (Dark Side) OR B. Turn the Nekghouls to the Dark Side and make them serve the empire. (Light Side) That's right folks, turning people to the Dark Side is the right thing to do apparently. I mean, what were they thinking here? Clearly forcing a whole race to turn to the dark side or die is NOT by means a light side choice.... Seems like another tacked-on choice with little regard for providing a reasonable alternative....

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#3 9 years ago

I'd bring that up in the Q&A on the official forums. New one should be out Friday.