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5th July 2003

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#1 16 years ago

Triple Zilch has recently added an ET server to our list and the evil Dr. Raven is thinking about taking down our RTCW server. Please don't let this happen.

We have recently decided to be n00bs no longer and have set up the CAL map rotation on the server with OSP. We have since lost the majority of our regulars because they have to play something other than beach. (Oh my)

The server is based in Kansas City I believe and I usually get around a 50 ping. We do have stats and as I said before a decent rotation.

Beach Assault Base Village Ice Sub

I think there are other maps on the server as well and we are always willing to vote them on.

Please help us save our server from the Evil Bastard formerly known as Raven. We worked long and hard to get this server to an OSP rotation and now he wants to give it to our equally evil ET members.

If you wanna pop on over to Locked Box or O++ or something and they are full... log into us for a bit and help keep our server alive.

Thanks for reading. =000=White Name

Triple Zilch Public OSP -

P.S.- If you have any complaints, suggestions, or requests for changes, additions to our server please feel free to pop on over to www.triplezilch.com and post it in our forums. Again thanks for your time.