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Det Pak

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18th April 2002

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#1 17 years ago

Hey RtCW players,with Enemy Territory still in full swing,the original multiplay of RtCW has fallen off,but then again old players that had moved on are returning as well..a bit bittersweet effect?.A few months ago I joined up with Captain Bob and helped develop a new more realistic mod for RtCW,it was then altered and formatted to follow the "Band of Brothers" theme from the HBO series.With ET out and players returning to RtCW from other games,we pulled out the current working mod..yes we do have a working version and are interested in eventually releasing the mod. Cpt. Bob has done a majority of the work on new Allied Models to look like American 101 paratroopers! and re coded a nice feature..the more damage you take the slower you and your enemies when they take a hit move,until you heal up again,he's also added smoke canisters,a few new weapon models to replace some classics.I've completely overhauled the sounds for the weapons,all are completely from the DVD of Band of Brothers.new thompson,mp-40,colt,luger etc. But we would like to pull in some talent to help with a website,a forums,another coder to help with more weapons,and perhaps a modeler,we'd like to get an M1 added in,as ET is using. If you think you can help out with anything leave a message on the boards below,or contact me Det Pak [email]detpak@attbi.com[/email]


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10th February 2003

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#2 17 years ago

That sounds cool, Hehe i wish i had the intellegence to make a rtcw mod ;)