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25th June 2002

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#1 16 years ago

Ok im gunna take this space hear to apoligize to people that i have angered and offended....expecially gnaget...even tho i dont approve of your actions they are yours alone and i shall not force you to change that. Also i am sorry for calling you whatever i did and it is very unprofessional. Also i would like to say im sorry to Killer_84 even tho i said it before, your typing is ok and i shouldnt flame you about it. Wolfumbra, for getting introuble on my behalf..Slacker for making arguements....this commmunity is wonderful and as i crusaded against spamming to stop insesive posts i realized i was doin that as such....also i was harasing and flaming ppl i dont even know...also ppl that havent done anything. Gnaget, i dont wish to further hold a grudge against you in any way, you are what you are and i cant hold anything against you because there is nothing justly there to hold. I would also like to apologize to UB...he has an abundant amount of patience and i realized i didnt care about making his job easier as now he had to filter threw posts...sorry for causing the trouble. Anyone who i have offended or called names, stupid, spammer, whatever it is...im sorry. Conflicts on this forum are pointless because there is no right side to most of them. Clash of Opinions. I would wish to try to redem my tatered shameful reckage of an account and say im sorry for anything i have inflicted on you all. My forum posts make me look like an ass...and i do seem to be...but i wish to make a new..i know i can be nice and ill try. Im really sorry to Gnaget for all i have done and it was very unprofessional...if u wish to say anything or comment me or even bash me i deserve it..Thanks for listening to my apology.



I didn't make it!

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#2 16 years ago

sounds like my appology to planet wolfenstein ppl

well appology accepted

http://www.forumplanet.com/planetwolfenstein/topic.asp?fid=4121&tid=738018 here is my appology (didnt go very well rotf)