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6th July 2002

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#1 17 years ago

I agree with the last post. Who the hell is closing threads just because they dont want people to know what crap most clans are. If more clans were decent they wouldnt have to be nazis and not let peoples opinions be heard. for the record i have run across 1 decent clan and that was the oc clan they ran a market server


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25th June 2002

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#2 17 years ago

hey cerealkiller, also the thread is in the wrong forum, if the creater makes anouther one in the clan forum i woulnt close it BUT if it gets out of hand i will...ive seen thread that bash players and then they read and are like wtf and start trash talking...trash talking isnt allowed on this forum and so ill stop closing them but if vulgar defaming occurs i will close them with no thought to it. Also CerealKiller, you prolly can be mad at me...i didnt email u when u wanted to join my clan, even tho this may be an exuse this is the truth...i was on vacations and i was really buisy making the forum and workin at, the forums, and our UA forums. Even tho u still probably joined a dif clan we would still like to have u, we are a honorable not just saying that...but im sorry for not getting to you sooner.