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30th June 2002

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#1 18 years ago

You can get it here.

Its a server-side mod so clients dont have to download anything :cool:

An example of a few of the changes:

  • Neil Toronto's "unlagged" lag compensation code. All non-scoped bullet weapons benefit from this: venom, pistols, machineguns. This means you no longer have to lead your targets to compensate for lag. You point at something, pull the trigger, and you hit it. High ping clients should now be much more playable.
  • helmets reduce headshot damage to 25 from 50 (instead of helmets having no effect at all) sniper headshots still instant-kill though
  • new command shuffle_teams
  • a new instagib game mode, controlled by the cvar g_instagib - all classes are forced to use an unscoped mauser and it does 800 damage. engineers get the usual dynamite and pliers too.
  • medics and engineers can choose their smg ('/callvote mp40','/callvote thompson')
  • modified spawn immunity (up to g_spawnprotect seconds of immunity, cut short as soon as you use a weapon) to put an end to spawn camping

And lots more!