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30th June 2002

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#1 17 years ago

Banimod 0.50 is released!

Download it here.

Summarized changes for 0.50 (full change list is here):

New game type: ASSASSIN only works on checkpoint maps

  • Protect your team's target
  • Assassinate the enemy's target
  • Targets have extra health which slowly depletes
  • Targets touch checkpoints to refresh
  • Targets cannot touch the same checkpoint twice in a row
  • Medic packs do not work on targets

New game features and switches:

  • Programmable game menuing and rules system
  • Headshot-only mode
  • Poison knife mode
  • Teamkills for gold result in poison gold (and an embarassing message for the would-be teamkilling gold thief)
  • underwater pistols, destroyable dynamite, helmet damage are now controllable through cvars
  • g_slideitems makes most items (gold, medpacks, ammopacks, bodies) obey the laws of physics (eg slide down slopes)
  • g_spawntelefrag allows spawning players to telefrag the enemy who are in their spawn area


  • kick callvote server crash fixed
  • no longer "spawnkill" revived players
  • spawn invulnerability extension is clamped now
  • antispawnkill double corpses bug
  • tap out while exploding into gibs no longer kicks out a corpse - this was a bug in the stock rtcw 1.33 code
  • mp40/thompson loadout was wrong



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28th February 2002

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#2 17 years ago

Thanks man, it is now hosted!!