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4th July 2003

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#1 15 years ago

Yesterday i was called a n00b :mad: , now, i didnt take much interest in this cause i was kickin his proverbial ***, but still. Just because someone is playing ET doesnt necessarily mean that him/her are n00bs. I'm not playing RtCW right now b/c i lost it, so. :(

Ok, that was totally out of the blue there...


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7th February 2002

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#2 15 years ago

Aww, so the little n00b can't handle the pressure? (sarcasm)

Sorry for that. Couldn't resist. Anyway, don't let it get to you. You know you were whipping his ass, so why should you let things bother you like that? Just focus on YOUR GAME. Honestly, though, ET is just too n00b-friendly. Those n00bs can play without fear, since stupidity isn't really punished very often. Just play RtCW. In my opinion, it has a NICER audience, since most of the people playing it actually respect it enough to PAY FOR IT.

ET is an unbalanced trash-fest that rewards cheapness, while quality players are screwed over. Level-ups are a joke. (Crap, I'm really off-subject now.) People abuse airstrikes like you wouldn't believe! Of course, there's always a way around these asses, but it can definitely get to you after a while.

Just as an example of how n00b-friendly the game is, though, I was once playing on the Allied team. The Axis team sucked, despite having several players whose levels were nearly maxed out. They had 1000+ experience only a few maps into the campaign, yet we were swamping them. Sure, we were killed again and again by airstrikes, but we eventually found holes. It's clear that those people knew nothing about one-on-one combat, merely choosing ot use airstrikes to keep at bay those they couldn't handle with guns. Lemme tell ya, we tore them up. And I was even in the open with a flamethrower. I should've been dead in seconds. :)

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19th July 2003

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#3 15 years ago



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13th October 2002

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#4 15 years ago

ya gotta love the noobs in et especially one's like today run into your mines & file complaint called me a tk'er :confused: :n0e: for the rest of game even though I had 500+ xp w/ all 4 stars in every thing except 1 column had 3 stars :lol:



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24th February 2004

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#5 14 years ago

You guys are so stupid!!! This is n00b talking, especially the last two posts. You guys think you are the best players ever! Well, take a try at me! I'll crush you.. And remember, you were a n00b also once ago... Or did you start like the best player?? Yeah right!:fistpunch: Just try to help them gaining experience, and maybe a n00b can become a better player then you!!