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18th January 2003

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#1 17 years ago

Hey, here's what happening for this Saturday's Customs (3/29/03) Castle Siege (mp_castle_siege) by Moonkey Frostbite Filename: Hydro Dam (1.2) (am_hydro_dam) by Teal'c Projekt Schwalbe Me-262 (mp_schwalbe) by TurboPoint Blauckaus Rennes Faustlager (mp_faustlager) by NightWulf this is an older map from last year, but planetwolfenstein has it this week as 'level of the week' so I thought it deserved some attention. Has a couple of interesting items; a ridable train that loops around the entire area and a set of documents that can be in random places from match to match. the last 4 maps are all part of a 'mappak' by Cptn Triscuit Attack 2 - kinda a beach map, allies have to blow a gate to have access to the rest of the level, then find and transmit the all-precious 'docs' Dangerous Waters - the axis have the offensive on this one; has some cool map scripting involving the submarine... Railed - allies on the offensive again; has a neato 'lift' that traverses the entire length of the level Vapor - this is unusual for me, I generally don't like 'capture the flag' maps; but this one has some intriguing use of fog, and curiousity has gotten the better of me on this one. |GW|PJchamp[GWYr] GreyWolf^4*CrackHouse*