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17th June 2003

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#61 16 years ago

It would be quite intersting to have the final episode simply end with a man exiting a holodeck with Enterprise still running. That would be the best thing to do right now so Enterprise doesn't end with people hating it for messing up the future. Oh well, can't please everyone.

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#62 16 years ago

My favorite series are

1.TNG and TOS 2.Voyager and Enterprise 3.DS9

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#63 16 years ago

Mr. MattAnd they brought themselves some furry souvenirs :lol:

I'm glad you brought that episode up. Temporal Investigations, even then, considered Kirk to be, was it THE biggest, temporal menace? I don't know how he even compares to Archer...

I love that episode :) They ahve a behind the scenes for it on the DVD also

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#64 16 years ago

What season is it in? I'm currently in the process of buying all the boxsets. I've got all the TNG episodes (and watched them all too, which didn't do my social life much good), and I'm about to get the fourth DS9 box. It can't be long till the new uniforms, so I would imagine it's in season four, right?