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#11 17 years ago

LOL i notice that now thx derfuhrer--- i atleast discovered how to mkae it work in the 1.41 update cuz on that thread they think it don't work LOL-- i do not do it anymore unless i am like eating at my pc and wanna have some fun with someone--but anyways everyone on the server i play on knows its me doing it i play on FuN servers

ohh well I just thought it was an interesting bug (and BTW its not a HACK <--for any noob's reading this) lol ( i do have a Working WallHAck and AIMBOT for RTCW-BUT i do not use them they are in a different PC not connected to the internet ( i just test cheats that ifind so i can help ID and PB get aorund them) this wallhack and aimbot i have work--but u have to use a NO PB and a Unpure Server to get it to work

I'll explain it wallhack--simple-it changes colors on all the walls to make them see through

Aimbot-simple replaces axis and allies skins with one solid color then the bodyis either Blue Or Red and the SW for it can be set to aim at a Solid Blue or Red color--pretty neat huh

ok going now seeya on the other side


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