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11th July 2002

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#1 16 years ago

In follow up to the classic(s) "funny things you've done" "funny things about rtcw" heres one for et. :). Post funny things you've done or funny things you've noticed about the game. :)

#1 You will countine to repair a vehicle as long as your pilers are touching it...and when there not,the bar will fall slowly. This means you can run around vehicles while repairing them. ;) Once during a 4 on 7 goldrush match i managed to steal the tank form six germans by haveing them chase me around the tank...they got me when it was up and going,but sadly for them,all thier engys were out building the barriers :)

#2 In the last man standing version of mp_fueldump,a pair of stairs appears leading up to the axis spawnthing over the first tunnel door.

#3 Planting mines right next to the stairs in mp_goldrush of the bank seems to make them vanish a little under the stairs and make it hard for covert_ops to find them.

Many more,but to tired to post now:)

Anyone got anything else?


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27th February 2003

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#2 16 years ago

the only thing ive done that was funny (at least to me) which you could also do in rtcw was i was playing gold rush and i was running towards the bridge from the allied side and instead of using the stairs i just jumped off the bridge thinking i would land on the stairs. but low and behold i fell onto an axis guy retreating up the stairs being chased by a allie. he just stopped and i shot him in the head and my teammate finished him off with the nest shot. like i said not so much exclusive to et but thats where it happened so :D


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1st November 2002

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#3 16 years ago

omg many funny things happen while playing ET, mainly because there are many newbies out there :)

- The other day I was playing on a server, only 2vs3 (me on the 2 man team), problem was they were all new to the game, even my teammate. So I had some fun with the mines - and deployed them all over. Suddenly I saw an enemy walking/running towards one of the mines.. then I heard that familiar whizzering sound. I knew the poor bastard was standning on my mine so snook up on him.. and there he was, standing on the mine, looking down at it.. the mine hadnt killed him because he stood still.. so I just stabbed him to death instead.. lol!