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2nd November 2003

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#1 12 years ago

Good Morning Folks,

The Team here at Hailing Frequency are proud to announce that Episode Number 32 of the podcast is now released.

Episode 32 covers a variety off different topics, from classic card games to Totally Games in the Star Trek Gaming News, and a whole variety of different Legacy mods discussed in Mod Weekly. Mr Juliano brings us the latest STOzone where he talks about what will be needed to get the older demographic to play Star Trek Online.

Jon Nicholas of the Nicholas Project brings us his musical talents in a song written exclusivly for Hailing Frequency, entitled Alien Love! (Jon is a member of the boards here so be sure to post loads of praise people!)

Faxxer brings us the latest Fleet Gossip, where he is distressed to find himself locked out of the Star Trek Online . net forums, and finally, we close the show with yet more musical goodness from the Nicholas Project, and All Robots are Gay!

Show Summary:

Hosted by Zach and Kinneas Star Trek Gaming News by K'sua'nindra Mod Weekly from Croesus Kinneas' Fleet Radio Featuring The Nicholas Project's "Alien Love" Mr Julianos' STOzone Faxxers Fleet Gossip (Locked Out) Kinneas' Fleet Radio Featuring The Nicholas Project's "All Robots are Gay"

=/\= Direct Download Link =/\= (Right Click and Save Target As)

Technical Info:

M-Peg Layer 3 at 96kbps Filesize: 39.1mb

As always, we welcome comments and discussion of the show at

Hope You Enjoy the Show, Until Next Time

The Hailing Frequency Team




Hailing Frequency, the Internets first podcast dedicated to Star Trek Gaming, is proud to announce that we are in talks with Daron Stinnett securing our third exclusive interview with him regarding Star Trek Online.

The interview should be taking place in the last week of March, and too that end, i would like to give everybody here a very large window of oppurtunity to send in questions for the interview.

With the release of Bethesda's current Trek Lineup, all eyes are now on Star Trek Online, and we are expecting too see some big things from Perpetual Entertainment this year - So this is your unique, one in a lifetime oppurtunity to send in your questions for Mr Stinnett.

No other website has offered this oppurtunity, and we would like you to take full advantage of the oppurtunity.

To that end, we have a number of options for you to send in your questions:

1) Post your Questions - We have created a dedicated thread to this topic over on the Hailing Frequency Forums - This is the prefered method that pretty much guarentees that we will see your question, and it also allows you to see questions that other people have sent in, this allows you not to ask the same question, and might inspire you with other ideas. Post your questions at: http://www.hailingfrequency.co.uk/boards/index.php?topic=110

2) E-mail your Questions - You can e-mail your questions to [email]zach@hailingfrequency.co.uk[/email] - This option is available but we do not recommend it - due to the high load that the Hailing Frequency servers are constantly under these days, we can not guarentee that your e-mail will get through.

3) Record your Questions - You can record your questions - Introduce yourself, and ask your question, be sure to keep it under 60 seconds, then save it in any format, and e-mail it too [email]hailing.frequencies@googlemail.com[/email] - This e-mail address shouldnt be used for text questions as it is only checked about once a week.

We hope the above options give you all the oppurtunity to send in questions.

I am setting the closing date for submissions at March 16th (2359hrs) so please get your questions in by then.

This is your chance to get your questions answered regarding Star Trek Online, this is a very rare oppurtunity, so we hope that you take full advantage of it.


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30th April 2006

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#2 12 years ago

Its not really related to Star Trek: Legacy, the only mention of the game in your post was;

zach21uk..whole variety of different Legacy mods discussed in Mod Weekly

Its more Star Trek General discussion.

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#3 12 years ago

I would have to agree. I'm moving this to "Starbase 42" in the Entertainment sub-forum.