How did we not discuss the new Picard trailer? 2 replies

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#1 1 month ago

I mean, guys....

I only just noticed re-watching it that it has fucking Huw of Borg in it from TNG too, apart from Data, Seven, and all the other promised cameos.

Jonathan Frakes directed some episodes too, and will cameo with Marina Sirtis.

I am excited for this. Another reason to have Amazon Prime other than The Grand Tour I guess.

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#2 1 month ago

wot u got against 'murica, m8?

(US friendly trailer below)

To be fair, I think we discussed it a lot on discord.

I'm really pulling for a sort of former borg redemption arc with Hugh and Seven both being in the trailers and Picard's history as Locutus.

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#3 1 month ago

The reason I never talked about it is because it is on CBS All Access, which automatacally means I cannot care. I am not going to buy a subscription, just to watch Star Trek.

Put it on the telly, like all the other Star Treks.


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