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24th June 2002

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#21 18 years ago

eh, if i were u i would just wait for Quake 4....just me, also thanks for pointing that out....and yes i did sell my soul to microsofft...for about 500 shares :lol: ok cya fellas....and if the thread was closed the "post reply" button would say "closed". Dont worry, the thread is only closed if its spam or contains inapropriate words or phrases....and ill say thread closed before i close it :lol:


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15th August 2002

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#22 18 years ago

I just realized something...maybe this will obviously help, I'm not talking about the full version, I am talking about this happening in the demo version. I have both but I have only seen this happen in the demo version. Maybe now you guys can tell me how this is done via e-mail of course.....Maybe that's why everyone was confused, LOL! But seriously please e-mail me how if you know, it's when you, throw all your grenades at once or real fast or something in Demo of course.