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14th December 2003

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2nd December 2002

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How do I add cool colors to my name? Open your autoexec.cfg and add the following lines:

Seta name "^1Sgt. Snuffy"

The first line sets your name. The color for each letter is denoted by a "^" and number. My name, "Sgt. Snuffy", is all red letters so I only use a "^1" in front of the first letter. The numbers corresponding to the other colors are:

0 - Black (in order to use black names in RTCW, you will need to add an additional ^ in front of the letters you want to be black so my name would look like ^^0Ifurita. If you want to make your name black so that it's harder for others to see you, cheat properly and call yourself '.' otherwise be prepared for people to give you a little grief) 1 - Red 2 - Green 3 - Yellow 4 - Blue 5 - Cyan 6 - Magenta 7 - White

You can also use these codes directly in the Setup:Player line where you first entered your name -- I just like to manage everything though my autoexec.

Go to the Portable Name Caddy for a nice tool to format your name. As you select characters and colors, you will see the coding for this appear in the top-most window. When you are done, copy and paste this line of code into your autoexec.cfg at the line seta name "(paste your code here)".

I won't address name animations here because personally I'm not fond of them and wish that people would stop using them.



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