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26th March 2004

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#1 16 years ago

[color=red]If anyone that reads this forum is a RTCW skinner or knows how to skin i need you for a birthday skin and if you what to do this please contact me at [email="euro_sarge@hotmail.com"]euro_sarge@hotmail.com[/email] i need some one for this[/color] remeber this skin is a BIRTHDAY SKIN and i need some one that knows how to skin on AMMO MEDIC packs and on DYNO and NADES becuz i need alof those to be something birthday like ie:Ammo and Medic packs Presents and Nads little red (axis) and blue (allies) ballon skins and Dyno might be yellow or something i just NEED SOME ONE FOR THIS BRITHDAY SKIN [color=red]NEVER TURN YOU BACK ON THE WOLFPACK[/color]