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17th August 2002

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#41 17 years ago

hmm, mine are based entirly around the keypad, here goes:

KP-UP = foward KP-LEFT = left KP-RIGHT = right KP-5 = backwards

KP-DEL = jump KP-INS = crouch

KP-ENTER = activate

KP-HOME = alternate weapon mode KP-PGUP = reload

MOUSE1 = fire MOUSE2 = machine gun MOUSE3 = grenade

MOUSEWHEEL = zoomin/zoomout

i find this setup usefull because everything is close together and easilly used via my left hand.


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15th September 2002

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#42 17 years ago

Lol I once new a guy who binded /kill to left mouse and binded 'change weapon to knife' to right mouse......

hey that just gave me an idea wouldn't it be cool if the sniper rifle had a bayonet on it so that u could stab people up close range and get 80 damage per hit.... that would be soo cool for the next RTCW patch