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13th October 2002

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#1 15 years ago

This is latest adventure playing wolf happened just a min ago on a beach server. What started it was I was liet & this 1 dude nameless was a flammer flamming backway on lower part of beach. I was upstairs fragging & throwing air strikes down @ respawning allies. Anyways a bunch came so I moved back into the very top part of the backway & that's when he decided to move up the stairs. When he saw me his reaction was to fire which he did & tked me. Now that lowered his score down to -15 so I filled a complaint since he is just tking everybody. He throws a fit & starts whining calling me a pus** & a noob :lol: :eek: . Then he goes you must be new to wolf I'm sorry. I go actually no you must be new to wolf A) Your a Flammer B) Look at your score -15. That shut him up for a little bit :eek: . Then he started complaining after about 3 mins left in game trying to egg me on. I just played on ignoring him. Game ended I wound up w/ 123 points double the next highest score which was 59 by guy on allies. While that dude managed to have 1 point :lol: :cya: after switching to a liet to. I go so if I am noob & new to wolf how come I just whooped your a** w/ 123 points to 1!!!! That's when he just left the server :dance: :rock: .

The point is lol I am sick & tired of these people complaining about this & that just play it's a game. If your team is getting massacred just stay in there for a bit it will only make you better even though it may not be fun. Seems like now every day or every other day I get in a server where people complain or call you or someone good a noob. And if you are high on the score chart or kill someone a lot they call vote to try to kick you. Like bani mod I killed a TNT clan member long long time ago got his 150+ points gold right in front of flag & cashed it in. Got a vote to be kicked of course they passed it & cheered right before i got kicked out. I am sorry but you are a idiot imho if u do that.


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26th December 2002

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#2 15 years ago

Thats why i play on OLIL servers, Less shit like that goin on....:smokin:

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27th December 2002

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#3 15 years ago

Hi DragonFly, The label noob is far overused and I think some idiots don't really know what it means!!:lol: I can remember on many occasions when I was a solo player that I would be at or near the top of my teams scoreboard and the opposing team kept trying to kick me. If that is the only way you can win then you need to go somewhere and practice because you are pathetic!!:agreed: I have never believed in kickin someone because their score was the highest or the best player. The only vote I pass is when I see tkers and they are being voted out or for a map change. That is why I like servers where either I know the admin or voting is not enabled. If peeps realize that RTCW is a game and stop complaining it would be more fun for more peeps!! Just my 2 and half cents!! :cya: