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30th April 2006

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#51 13 years ago

Would you just said is illogical, we can already chart the course of some atoms, basic chemistry and biology. Water is made up of atoms, we know which atoms these are because we can use technology to see them, and control them. We can also create new "compounds" made up from other atoms or "elements."

Come on that's really basic stuff. Additionally, tell that to the scientists experimenting with the technology and see what they tell you.

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9th November 2006

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#52 13 years ago

Did anyone hear about some of the tech NASA are equiping to the Mars program,they have a Multipole electrostatic forcefield generator. Its a primitve shield which uses 3 spheres 2 negatively charged as outer spheres and 1 central positivly charged sphere. I say it is primitive cuz it take up most of the solar panel space because of how they designed it. My designs are based upon a smaller generator but would be more numerous. I would have it so that there are 3 hollow spheres, each one inside the other(Like a russian porclain doll,you know the ones that have many smaller dolls inside them).I would do this as NASA's shield will have weakness's at its poles. With my idea you can use the other generators to compensate by having 6 or 8 generators creating 1 overlapping shield. Nasa'a generators were genoraters were to be spread out like wings but the problem is with that is that it would have pole at the top and below the vehicle.Like with Earths magnetic field they would be great vunerabilitys towards radiation which would kill the crew. My Genorator ideas would create a powerful and protective hull hugging shields which may be able to deflect weapons fire and micro meteors