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27th November 2002

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#1 16 years ago

Heheh! I was playing in a server where crap was a word that killed you as was heck! Too damn funny, had to leave it was cracking me up laughing! :lol: :rolleyes:

Creative Cussin'

In my Daddy's family cussing was forbidden, though he composed creatively, his meanings weren't hidden.

One phrase he likes to use a lot, "Plague take it all" and too, He could really raise some eyebrows when he'd say, "plague take you!"

You see he'd never tell someone 'You can go to Hell" But what he chose to say to one would hardly wish him well.

"Holy jumpin' jehosaphats" was a little risky and "dad gum it" or "dad burn it" were especially frisky.

One of my favorites that I use now is "shoot a monkey" though I've heard some interpret that to be something funky.

I've now adopted, "fudgecicles" and often just plain "shoot" "Cheese and crackers got all muddy." I think is pretty cute.

I hear he's added "dog bite it" to his repetoire but "holy Moses" is the one he uses most, by far.

So you see children, violet killing is okak... as long as you don't use any naughty language! :lol:


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29th April 2003

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#2 16 years ago

Oh man admiral u jus crack me up....:lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: