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24th April 2007

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#1 13 years ago

lol Make Ship! instead of Make ya I did that with reason anywhos.. Well I'd like to put through a contest that me and a few off my chat X-fire buddies will be judging, "Make a Ship contest" The only requirements are.... [COLOR=red]YOU HAVE TO MAKE IT UP YOURSELF[/COLOR] and... 1: It has to be any where form 2063 ( first contact) to TOS area. (nothing from any of the TOS movies, no refit Enterprise style nacells) ----The ship must be Warp Capable---- 2: The picture has to be either a 3D model, drawling, or even if you want a lego, or wood/plastic model. 3: the picture/model/3-D model has to be colored 4:[COLOR=red]MOST IMPORTANTLY[/COLOR] , it has to be an Earth or Federation vessel, NO romulans, klingons or borg. The winner will get braging rights, and a little tag to put in you signature delcaring you an Star Fleet Master Designer :) so have fun with it, judge will begin on June 15, or (16-17) if I am not able to judge that day. I need atleast 5 ship entries to begin judgeing or alse it will be canceled [COLOR=red]and you enter more then one ship[/COLOR]