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9th August 2003

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#1 16 years ago

Dammit im sick of this.. Me and another guy had a fun arguement goin back to back posts and one of the Mods just TOTALLY deleted the WHOLE thread...THATS GHEY!

And this ain't the first time i had a WHOLE friggin thread just DELETED out of the blue on these forums. I have my own forums for my clan......I Mod them BY MYSELF for reasons like this alone. Thats the problem with the internet, Once a person gets a little bit of power, they wanna abuse it and do retarded sh** like removing whole threads just cause they CAN.

If you ask me IMO, thats just ass & immature as well. This is a FLAMING SECTION, If 2 people are FLAMING one & another LET THEM FLAME , Is'nt that the whole point?

I know im MOST likely gonna get banned for speaking my mind, I can tell what type of people im dealing with when the flame thread got deleted. But whatever, im pissed and thats BS that the thread got deleted. People need to learn how to chill out, This is harmless fun, arguing over the net. I was gettin a kick outta it,

Im sure the other guy was too. And then some Mod had to come along and read it and most likely said to himself.. " This is gettin outta hand " DELETED. ......2 words Friggin GHEY!

Let US decide when its gettin outta hand next time. we started it we should have been able to finish it.

Now go to admin options type in my IP and ban my account. You know you want to.


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13th October 2002

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#2 16 years ago

I saw that thread it wasn't deleted they just moved it to recycle bin (private forums). Reason is simple I don't mind a little arguing thus no staff nor I have touched the debate in the Matt's Canada Skin Pack file comments. It's gay & immature if you ask me when you start cussing & swearing. That other guy I read was telling you to fu** off & blah blah. That's where it violates the rules; our staff did exactly what they were supposed to do & moved it to the recycle bin where filejune & upper admin will have a look.

Your not going to get banned get that out of your head you only get banned for...

  • Cussing/swearing etc supposed to be family friendly site everyone can join it's a prilivage to have this site not a God given right. When I or a staff member see's the f word for ex you bet it's going to be edited, deleted or moved
  • No cheats aimbots, no cd-key, cd-key gens & the like
  • No personally attacking each other like other people were on comments & onto other forums

Lastly Filejune himself & Noe have said no flamming. Some staff wanted a flaming only forum & this was prompty rejected. It's against gamingfiles forums rules. If you can't abide by these rules then please leave the forums & start your own & if you have futher questions send me a email.

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17th March 2002

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#3 16 years ago
Im sure the other guy was too.

Yup, not had a good flame in a while now, it was refreshing :D

That other guy I read was telling you to fu** off & blah blah.

But in a fun jokey kinda way, nothing serious...oh well, soz for the language (but why do you think I have that avatar!!!!)


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28th August 2003

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#4 16 years ago

well the whole canada mod thing did get out of hand. When i made the mod i didn't expect ppl to start arguing which country is better and all that. Sure it was annoying how some of the comments were so incredibly stupid, one sided and what not but thats not the point. speaking your mind is for forums and drunk friends, the comments box is for comments regarding the mod, not canada, or the usa.the mod, thats it.