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#1 15 years ago

All right now that I got the server thing figured out... thanks to all who contributed!

NAT firewall routing? At work I have a 10MB connection that would host a great server however our new IS guy just installed a nifty new Cisco router with NAT routing. I asked him to open a port for me, but he just chuckled.... Anyway around this... Or even finding the redirected port address so I can play on this among friends.

The Main host IP I have... is there any quick way to scan all the port addresses to see whats open or running. This almost seems like hacking... mmmm....

For those new to NAT routing it basically changes your port from "27960" to whatever it wants "61000" or something like that... problem is then your server doesn't show up anywhere unless you know the exact port... And even then its still not public...


-anthemus {CFU}