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1st December 2002

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#1 16 years ago

[XSQD] The Game Grid 1.33 RTCW server

We just patched up from retail and are looking to gain some regulars to the server. The server is located in new york and has a CAL League map rotation on it. Before any of you go and are surprised by this.. the flame throw is restricted. We found that too many people use it to just camp and/or spawn kill. The server worked great pre-patch... didn't go down at all to my knowledge and pings were always great given that one is on broadband. The server is hosted on SDSL, which is faster than a t1 for those of you unfamiliar with it. Provided an admin is there, most rude people will not be there long and the bot kicks at three tk complaints / too low of a score. We hope to see people there.. I for one can't wait for the server to fill up.

Note: The server will patch to 1.4 once the mac 1.4 patch is avaliable. IP: