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17th June 2002

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#1 17 years ago

Wasssuuppp yet again a new server Details Below

SERVER IP: on a 5meg connection 32 players PB On (Helps Stop Cheats) Server is Pure (helps stop cheats) All Votes enabled (usefull for kicking spawn campers) No FF No Fall Damge Map changes allowed Based in Eastern USA Excellent Pings All Across The USA Shrub Mod W/ Tripmines,Proxymines,disguises,Airstrike Blocks,and much more :rock:

Maps Include All Standard Maps and All The GOTY Maps HeHe :naughty: this is going to be a fun server as soon as we get lots of people on it all NooBs are welcome we just want people to have fun NOTE: We are looking for more admins so just come in become a regular player and when your trusted we will give u admin rights so come on in cuz if u don't :smack: shame on you (LOL i cannot help to laugh at that smiley and if u say you don't laugh your a liar)

thanks KANE