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13th July 2004

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#1 12 years ago

So, within the known explored space of Star Trek, I'd say very little has actually been explored. The Delta Quadrant still has plenty left for exploration, as does the Gamma Quadrant. With the original introduction of the Dominion, they were suppose to be the Gamma Quadrant version of 'A' Federation. Based around multiple races and such, but with somewhat different goals. That idea I figure didn't take on, and it turned out they were a race of three, two of which were cloned. In effect, the Borg would be the main Delta Quadrant ones, being a 'Collective' of races (even if it isn't by choice). What I'm interested to know, is whether there are other factions like the Federation, who has a main goal of exploration and such, and whether they should introduce such a faction at any point in the Trek future. Thoughts?


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15th October 2003

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#2 12 years ago

The answer is really no.... They've made the Federation the America of the Milkyway. No one is creative enought to combine these idealic goals and do so in a grand way like Star Fleet and the Federation.

Star Trek makes a big deal of the Empires. Cardassia Qu'nos Romuls and Remus Kazon Vidians Bomar Borg Hirogen

They're all communist, guerillas or isolationist. Everyone else is...shades of gray of that philosophy. Ferengi and Riglians being the most notable.