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16th June 2002

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#1 19 years ago

Nothing is more annoying than to click on your favorite map on a server only to get "INVALID PASSWORD".

It must be nice to have so many buddies to share your server. (anyone who ever ran a server knows how nice it is to get ANYONE to join your game)

There really needs to some sort of indicator in the list of servers that filters out these password protected servers.

Also, wouldn't it be nice if the list of servers pops back after an unsuccessful connections, exactly how you left it, such as in order of ping, etc??????




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27th February 2002

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#2 19 years ago

THough I haven't used it in a while, I thought GameSpy did that??? See other thread, "Hate it when" . PW are to protect the gamers in their from getting their arses kicked by the riff raff , LOL.