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19th October 2004

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I like how it looks in that pic! Yeah, engineering hulls of the future won't be quite as large given that warp cores probably don't take up as much room and as for crew quarters, perhaps these ships don't need as many crew to operate the ship. I'm not sure how big this particular ship would be - it might be as much as 1000 meters long, so that might account for why the engineering hull looks small - in comparison to the rest of the ship. Ships of the future are supposedly supposed to be able to handle a lot more mass, since every Enterprise up to Enterprise-E was longer than the last. In that case, the Enterprise-J may be able to hold lots of crew. And I can't even see the bridge of the ship too well - meaning it must be small compared to the rest of the ship, which in turn must be big as hell! I think that's the best picture I've seen of this ship to date! I think it is probably an acceptable design, especially in the 26th century where trends in ship design and style are likely to change greatly as the human race becomes more and more attentive to function - not just how majestic a ship may look. The Enterprise-J is what we could expect 500 years from now! The Enterprise-F itself is supposed to have slipstream drive, which takes the ship to Warp 9.99999987 - pretty darn fast in other words. If the Enterprise-F could do that, what speed would the Enterprise-J be able to travel at? Obviously, we're looking at an intergalactic cruiser with the kinds of speeds it would have. A type of warp I heard about that's supposed to drive a ship to intergalactic speeds is called "sidewarp slipstream" which rates at around 25 times the speed of slipstream (around warp 9.999999965). That probably equates to about 10 million times light speed - which is rediculously fast - but keep in mind, the ship isn't going in the normal three dimensions at such a speed, but instead in hyperspace (or in Star Trek known as subspace) which apparently bends space. The more space is bent, the more power is required. The ships of the future on Star Trek like the Enterprise-J probably have a new warp system completely different from how ships in the current timeline use warp drive. Perhaps it accesses another dimension besides subspace - where two strings in the universe can be connected and a conduit formed between them, which is even possible in real life, based on what I've read in Sky and Telescope magazine! As for weapons designs for the Enterprise-J, I would have to think it has some type of transphasic weapons that have new forms of propulsion, similar to slipstream or sidewarp, which would be able to devastate an enemy ship before a millionth of a second passed. I would imagine that these transphasic weapons were not just torpedoes but a form of disruptor or pulse weapon that can be fired over and over again without worry of losing ammo - just recharge the banks and it will fire. Even the Borg Queen's ship and Unimatrix would not be able to stand up to a barrage of these weapons. But the Borg will likely advance as they always have so that they will be able to survive the devastating power of the Enterprise-J. That is if the Borg have survived into that century...or if the Federation even survives to that time to be able to design such a ship! Shielding systems have probably been completely redesigned Enterprise to Enterprise and by time the Enterprise-J launches, it will likely be the most soffisticated ship to ever see the light of our galaxy! Ships in that timeline would probably be able to shield themselves against stars, meaning that they could fly through stars with not so much as a shake in the ship! Since these ships likely form a warp field that is soooo powerful, it could brush aside an entire nebula without even noticing it. It is possible even to the 26th century that the Federation is able to resist assimilation by the Borg! Technology 200 years before TNG was pretty soffisticated - in TNG timeline, the technology was state of the art - and 200 years into the future, this technology is likely to be monstrous in power! But the Borg will likely advance even more - so the only difference in the end is that there will be more ships in battle and more deaths in a battle. By then, who knows? The Federation may become the Earth Empire and will conquer half the galaxy and dish out its own tyranny! Either way, if the Borg survive into this century - they will probably own half the galaxy as well and it will be them and the humans left over! That's the thing I don't get about Trek - the Borg are supposed to be millions of years more advanced than the Federation - how the Federation survive any incursion by the Borg is beyond me. There must have been scientists somewhere along the line who captured Borg technology and integrated it so that the Federation could resist the Borg invasions longer. About 250 million years before our time, the Borg were as we are now - in their own space age, just beginning to make the first brave walks into space. And they were once completely organic like us. At the same time, the Permian extinction was taking place on the Earth and that's where the Mesozoic Era began (Triassic, Jurassic, then Cretaceous ages where the dinosaurs lived on Earth). So just think - the Borg would have advanced to unbelievable superiority over not just this galaxy but every surrounding galaxy, especially since they have been assimilating stuff for a million years! I guess that they're relatively conservative with evolving technology, since it took them so long to develop what they have (250 million years being an unbelievable amount of time for technology to develop). But when they come into contact with someone else, they evolve even more. The Borg apparently use a defensive border as do humans when building their civilization. As for the Enterprise-J - technology like that would probably include a phase cloak that would make the ship basically invulnerable to conventional particle weapons and any space objects. I need to get myself a ship like that!