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6th September 2016

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#1 2 months ago

Whenever I rewatch any Trek series, I do it in a picky way so I try to avoid potentially bad episodes (e.g. Lwaxana appearances, episodes rated low on Ex Astris Scientia...).

Anyone else doing this?

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#2 2 months ago

I have a hard time passing up even the worst of Trek episodes. I can even tolerate Threshold provided I fall asleep just before the end. :D


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23rd January 2019

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#3 2 months ago

Yup, I tend to skip "filler" or "flashback" episodes.  I also skip the first few seasons of Voyager until the season they discover the dead drone and realize they have reached Borg space.

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#4 2 months ago

I'm just watching TNG for the first time (only watched random episodes on TV when it first aired), so I'm not filtering. I like Trek, but so far did not watch any of the series twice.

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#5 2 months ago

Star Trek is one of those shows where I will watch it ALL DAY LONG, no matter how many times I have seen every single episode. As far as I can recall, there are only a select few episodes I will not watch.

* The last series of TOS. They got a new writer, and the show went to weird. No wonder rating crashed.

* The mandatory Nazi episode, which is a requirement for every Star Trek series, ever.

* TNG Genesis, Barclay turns into a spider?

* VOY Threshold, Janeway and Paris turn into lizards?

* VOY, the Kazon episodes. Kazon are just Klingons, but MUCH more sexist.

* ENT, the Xindi episodes. Enterprise was my favourite Star Trek up until the Xindi came along. Then, things just got weird. No wonder they lost funding.

Apart from that, I will watch most any Star Trek episode.


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#6 3 weeks ago

I love rewatching Voyager personally

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