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Det Pak

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18th April 2002

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#1 17 years ago

Hi all RtCW's players it's June already!! Nov last year we were blessed with our favorite WW2 game. With 6 months under the community's belt..let's have our first "mapping awards" vote with nearly 200 custom maps out there I thought let's put up a vote and determine what 10 custom maps and 2 standard maps from RtCW's first 6 months would win.

Ok here's the rules..you've shipwrecked on a desert Island wow look it's a magic genie's Bottle? you pop the top out pops the Genie..he says you are granted 3 wishes.. you think 3 wishes wish 1) you want to be rich $$$...Granted said the genie you now have Millions in your bank account wish 2) you think..hmm yea women I want beautiful women..granted says the genie your desert island has all the beautiful women to serve you.. wish 3)..Time I want more time to play RtCW online.. Granted says the genie you may stay here as long as you wish..but laughing he says I'll even give you the Ultimate PC and internet connection,,BUT here's the deal he says I can only load up a total off 12 maps Here's are the rules you can select 10 Custom maps and 2 standard maps from the available that have been released within the last 6 months any new maps released before June30th may be voted on. On the first weekend of July I will post the winners the top 10 custom and the 2 top Standard maps on www.rtcwfiles.com These 12 are then going to be what you consider your 12 favorite maps to last you until another 6 months passes and you can load up the next list..so choose wisely he says and thank you for releasing me..as the Genie begins to fade you scream wait..hold on..The genie says yes?? who are you? he answers..I'm Det Pak map reviewer for www.rtcwfiles.com please send me your list no later than June 30th to [email]detpak@lycos.com[/email] posting your top 12 list here won't be counted..of course a good debate is welcome ;) contest ends so get in your choices by Sunday june 30th once again mail your list to [email]detpak@lycos.com[/email] Thanks oh my list is ready :) my choices will be revealed too..but not yet. Det Pak :deal:



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28th February 2002

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#2 17 years ago

big responses man!! :lol: