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21st June 2002

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#1 17 years ago

Hello folks, I've been enjoying rtcw far too much in the past couple months I've owned the copy of. I often pick games with PunkBuster enabled to minimize cheats, however, I got an impression last night of something very odd. I joined a server with punkbuster enabled, however it was an unpure server, thus enabling me to use some of the custom paks like the axis&allies voice pak. The issue here is either the couple players on the Axis (I was Allies) were too good or they were using a cheating pak, within less than 30 seconds of the game start, they were already near our farthest spawn, ready to kill us and I ask myself "how the hell do they get over here so fast?" this happened in several maps we went through. Do you think they're really good players or do they manage to spawn closest to us. One example I can prove it wasn't right- was when an Axis was on the OTHER side of the gate at the start of the game (and the gate wasn't even open) in Communique map where axis spawns in a bunker house while allies spawn on the second floor behind a bridge.

My question is: is it still possible to cheat on unpure games even with punkbuster turned on?



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16th April 2002

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#2 17 years ago

Ive no proof but i too have encountered the odd strange thing in both pure and unpure games certain players with zero gravity the odd person wearing a kevlar vest that can get 20 or 30 slugs in him and still gets on bullet which grazes your little finger and kills you on your last life.

If geniuses can invent such challenging games as this surely others can do a bit of cheat invention. if you suspect something let the admin know or find another server:cool: :mad: