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6th November 2005

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#1 13 years ago

To all of you Trekkie's out there that want to Start Making Star Trek series many of you my know me as Star Convoy (Optimus Prime from Battleallstar Japanese Manga series) but my real name is Philip Louca and I am the creator of Star Trek A New Generation based on Gene Roddenberry's Trek TOS and TNG. its takes place 10 years after Nemesis and a New Captain takes command of the U.S.S Enterprise N.C.C-1701-E her name Captain Hang Nyghuan one of the youngest captains in Starfleet. Picard retired from service and set out a new life for him self in his Fathers wine Farm on Earth. She set off with her Crew from DEEP SPACE 12 (Star Trek Hidden Frontier). The Story is based on what Genes intents was. The first mission is to investigate masteries disaperence of several Colonies through out the Federation and stop who ever is doing it. if anyone is intrusted please e-mail me at [email][/email] thank you ps you have to be a resadince of Toronto Canada thank you