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21st December 2005

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#1 14 years ago

hi, found this on the legacy site and think the rest of you guys should : Since Argus Array 9 is out, everyone knows that the European Markets wont get Legacy and likely the other games until Dec / Jan time frame, this is a huge mistake in the history of Trek Gaming that has been done in the past and we can only hope this does not happen this time, maybe it can be changed before it is too late.

But none the less, is taking it upon ourselves to "cure" the problem.

Starting now, we are taking orders and will sell and ship Legacy, Tactical Assault, and Encounters to anywhere on this planet. That is right you are reading this correctly, we are selling games now. I am not doing this to make any money, I am doing it to supply the Gamers with the Star Trek Games they should of gotten when we in America got them. read the website and you'll find full story, not sure if its legit, what you all think?