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In cooperation with IKV Ice Dragon, the Great Lakes Film Association is proud to announce the first annual Star Trek Convention and Independent Star Trek Film Festival in Erie, Pennsylvania November 7th & 8th, 2008. This is not the kind of Star Trek film festival you may be used to. It will NOT include showings of old episodes or running the Star Trek movies Paramount has released during the last few decades. This is the first time that a film festival has been born with a convention that will feature a competition between Star Trek fans who have taken their passion for the genre to the next level by filming their own short films, feature length films, and episodes. To that end, the Great Lakes Film Association officially opens it's call for entries internationally for the 2008 Star Trek confest. The stories are their own creations. The filmmakers produce them on their own without help from Paramount or Viacom. These films range from live action to animation (whether drawn or computer animated) to stop action. There will be no limit as to how long or short a film can be as long as it has a story and some sort of characters involved. In other words, we do not want to see films featuring just a Federation communicator with music behind it. Just try to be creative! The Final Frontier ConFest