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23rd May 2003

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#31 17 years ago

good one, i like that.

but my funniest thing ever occured during a banimod regular(no mauser)-goldrush game. we were on the map depot and i was on the allied team. now b4 i get to the story i have to set up the rules. first of all friendly fire was on and if u happened to kill a teamate and run over their gold u were instantly gibbed by the server. so here we go. i'm sure every one has been on a team where u advance to the axis side and have a firefight under their spawn just abouve the entrance to the lower tunnels. well our team consisded of about 12 ppl and somewhere in the range of 7 or 8 of us grouped together outside if thier spawn and we collected 8 or 10 gold. well the other team spawning together made a run at us until it was just a 1 on 1 battle between me and another character and eventually i beat him out. well with the hefty load of gold with me and no reinforcements in sight i decided to take my 24 gold to the nearest cover which would have been entering the first train room(with the longer of the two trains) near the axis spawn. well i was at the side of this room where u have to duck to get inside, and every1 knows when u have a butt load of gold u don't go so fast especially crouching. well in a hurry as i was and still alone i had to chance goin under and it was to my demise. stuck as i seemed to be under the door(i was moving deathly slow) i was walking backwards as to try and c if i was being hunted. well sure enough i was being stalked by not one but 2 nazi bitches. now the first guy caught me in a panic as i was still under the door and had no use of movement so he was able to drill me to death in the gunfight. well his team mate still out of sight heard the comotion and was chargin fast. now the first axis soldier was busy collectin my gold, whilst his buddy came around the corner guns a blazin. to his unfortunate eyes he found only his team mate on the ground as he had just mowed hom down, with a hoard of gold. so as soon as his bright eyes realized he was alone he began to eye the gold. well the first one he touched instantly killed him and to my tearfilled eyes came the best 3 seconds of gameing ever. the most gold i ever had to that point, killed off and the next second later c my killer become the victim of a tk then his murderer killed because of greed. that moment i knew what online gaming was all about and i had found myself witness to the funnies thing ever!!:frog: with my reguards ~devereauxx:dance: :dance:


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14th March 2003

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#32 17 years ago

the funniest single player moment has to be the second level where the commander of the small sqaud of germans yell's (read my signiture)