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#1 16 years ago

Alot of people have heard of Shrubmod and have played on Shrubmod servers. Happy Penguin is a shrubmod server.

Recently the mod maker, shrub, has opened a new server. The name of his server is: Shrubs OLTL place OMG IP to his server is

This is where Shrub plays alot of the time when he is not going to college or modding. The server has tons of bandwidth and is currently setup to handle 50 people.

This is a one life to live server (OLTL). If you have never played one life to live (OLTL) then you owe it to yourself to give it a try. ;)

Things about OLTL that are different from spawn servers. Generally people are more serious players. Friendly fire is commonly on. Teamwork is emphasized and warmup times are longer to give people a chance to plan strategies. Generally a good plan will beat a higher skilled team with no plan. Panzers are disabled. For more general information about OLTL visit

On shrubs server you will find the latest features of shrubmod. Currently shrub has: Kickable airstrikes. /callvote balance (a feature that tries to balance teams based on recent performance as opposed to a random shuffle) Playdead, share ammo, smoke cannisters, grenade packs, weapon drop and pickup for all classes, pre-blown secondary objectives on some maps, binoculars for all classes, mines, poison needles, throwable knives, friendly fire, and underwater reviving. Disabled panzerfausts and disabled water sniping. For a list of maps, player/admin rights and rules visit

We are looking for some good players. Beginners to OLTL are welcome. The atmosphere is setup for fun and a higher level of play. You can not be kicked by an admin for being a beginner.

This server can really be a kick in the pants. I get a rush everytime my team pulls together and performs tactics like a well oiled marine unit. There is something very satisfying about the kind of teamwork a one life server will bring out. Although this style of play will not suit everyone, if you really like teamwork and strategy shaken well with RTCW then this is the place for you.