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2nd December 2002

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#1 15 years ago

Im gonna make a stand about voting.

To many players use the votingsystem in an lame and stupid way. Calling the same vote over and over is NOT okey. Its bad attitude and selfish behaviour. To often i see players getting on a server and instantly belive they own it. Start calling votes over and over about changing game mode , maps and restarting the game. In my oppinion you should take it easy with the voting when entering a new map. The players there are most likely in the middle of a fight and dont like you messing it up.

But the main thing is how some just cant take no for an answer. When they get voted down they accuse people of beeing noobs for not voting yes, how people are noobs for liking to play flag-mode. Then they call it over and over and over and over until we "the players already on the server" are so sick of sitting like monkeys on a button calling it down so it passes.

Sorry to say most times this happens the voter is a good player. Very often even a clan player. You could think they are grown up enough to understand the morals of the game and accept the votes results. These players are over represented in this way of acting. Adding the fact they often have pre made binds where they spam the chat with YES or NO messages after their votes making the players with less skill and knowledge about the game to vote their way. Dont you understand these people look up to you as a better player. Dont take advantage and use that in this ,just to say ,dumb way of acting.

If people dont like what you are offering accept it or change server. Sitting and blaming others for beein noobs just because they like flag capture is just weak and reflects your own lack of skill. There is nothing noob in that at all. Flag-mode takes just another type of playing and demands just as much teamwork as multiplayer-mode.

To the players that votes after what these players write ,i advice you to no do that. Dont let these players run the public servers. If you dont feel like you understand the votes ask what they meen, get your own oppinion and vote what YOU like. Not what they tell you to. Or dont vote at all.

When im in the subject about beeing called noob for my choice in game mode im gonna take up the next missunderstod issue. Its about how people cant deal with the player class Solider. First im gonna admit , SOLIDER IS NOT THE BEST TACTICAL CHOICE. So beeing a solider could be called your making bad tactical choices. However calling people noobs for taking that class is just ignorance. How you play the game and what character you choose has nothing to do with whether your a noob or not. The skill is in your head and in your ability to move your mouse and keyboard buttons. Maybe some people have trouble understanding what the word noob means. Becasue if a what you call noob , beat your ass , what does that make you ?


* Dont call the same vote over and over. If you dont understand the word NO take english lessons instead of playing RTCW. We all have the same rights voting yes or no. Accept when you are voted down. Calling it again just shows your a lame pice of shit.

* Dont send messages about how people should or shouldn't vote. Let them have their own oppinion. Just beacuse they dont think like your vote doesnt make them noobs.

* Dont belive the class Solider is just noobs playing. Class and skill has nothing to do with eachother.

* Flag capture is a mode that demands just as much teamwork as the MP mode. Accept there are people that like it and wants to play it. How would you feel if your choice got spam voted away every time?

* Dont kiss the ass of clan players. Just beacuse they might be better then you dont let them take your own oppinion away. If they are so poor they cant afford their own server they must accept sharing like the rest of us.

* When voting do that beacuse you feel something. Dont let other decide for you. They might be good but you wont get anything back for voting like they tell you to. You will always be a noob in these bullys eyes.




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24th February 2004

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#2 15 years ago

All clear mate, nothing to say about that! More people should act like you have to do, but unfortunately, there are always players who think they are the best of the best. stupid a**hole*. And don't call eachother n00b, because you have you realize that you started too once. Everybody has to learn, so did you!

mangeur de cigogne

Mangeur de cigogne

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12th April 2004

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#3 15 years ago

Someone should be allowed to call a vote more than twice per game. Vote for me! mangeur de cigogne