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21st June 2002

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#1 15 years ago

For god sake, use your pistol when you're surrounded by teammates, otherwise hit "clear the path" several times to ensure your teammates hear you and move out of the way. I had a very good success of being a flamethrower today, gained 26 kills in one round with it (as allied). All I did was use the pistol when my teammates were around (or infront of me), and in the hall near the war room in beach, I'd say "clear the path" and spray away, I haven't TK'd anyone at all today in the 3 maps I played (beach, cheatau and rocket).

Good luck to you Flamethrowers, it does require some skill using it considering FF=on servers.



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16th June 2002

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#2 15 years ago

oh man tell me about it. Nothing more damaging to a team with a sloppy flamer or panzer-lobber. What good is it to kill one opponent if you take 3 of your team mates out in the process?!

The flame-splash from a sloppy flamer can quickly take the health off anyone near it, including the flamer himself.

When I get a sloppy flamer on my team, I be sure to let them know it isn't appreciated. I hate to hit "F1" but if my pleas go ignored, it has to be done.