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13th July 2004

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#1 13 years ago

[COLOR=black]You'll have to imagine yourself in the future for this one ;) But from the crews, of all the shows, where do you think they went after we last saw them?[/COLOR] [COLOR=black]ENT - Enterprise:[/COLOR] [COLOR=black]Jonathan Archer[/COLOR] [COLOR=black]T'Pol[/COLOR] [COLOR=black]Hoshi Sato[/COLOR] [COLOR=black]Charles "Trip" Tucker[/COLOR] [COLOR=black]Malcolm Reed[/COLOR] [COLOR=black]Travis Mayweather[/COLOR] [COLOR=black]Dr. Phlox[/COLOR] [COLOR=red]My Thoughts: Starting with what we know. Trip died, so there wouldn't be anything to continue on with him. It was mentioned in the last episode, that Archer planned on getting a new ship, and most of the crew would stay with him. From here, I can only guess as to what were to happen...[/COLOR] [COLOR=black]TOS - The Original Series:[/COLOR] [COLOR=black]James T. Kirk[/COLOR] [COLOR=black]Spock[/COLOR] [COLOR=black]Leonard McCoy[/COLOR] [COLOR=black]Montgomery Scott[/COLOR] [COLOR=black]Uhura[/COLOR] [COLOR=black]Hikaru Sulu[/COLOR] [COLOR=black]Pavel Chekov[/COLOR] [COLOR=black]Christine Chapel[/COLOR] [COLOR=black]Janice Rand[/COLOR] My Thoughts: Again, from TNG we know the Scotty and McCoy are near dead (or at least old). Kirk & Spock we know of. Kirk being dead, Spock being on Romulus in an effort to reunite the Romulan people with the Vulcan people (something I don't see happening any time soon). Sulu had the Excelsior (I wonder what happened to that ship), and the rest, well who knows. [COLOR=black]TNG - The Next Generation:[/COLOR] [COLOR=black]Jean-Luc Picard[/COLOR] [COLOR=black]William T. Riker[/COLOR] [COLOR=black]Data[/COLOR] [COLOR=black]Deanna Troi[/COLOR] [COLOR=black]Geordi La Forge[/COLOR] [COLOR=black]Worf[/COLOR] [COLOR=black]Beverly Crusher[/COLOR] [COLOR=black]Wesley Crusher[/COLOR] [COLOR=black]Tasha Yar[/COLOR] [COLOR=black]Dr Pulaski[/COLOR] My Thoughts:[COLOR=black] Well, god only knows what happened to Pulaski. We know Yar is dead, as is Data. Riker & Troi got their own ship, and Worf went to the Klingon Empire (right)? - None of the shows / films have been very clear on that.[/COLOR] [COLOR=black]DS9 - Deep Space Nine:[/COLOR] [COLOR=black]Benjamin Sisko[/COLOR] [COLOR=black]Kira Nerys[/COLOR] [COLOR=black]Odo[/COLOR] [COLOR=black]Jadzia Dax[/COLOR] [COLOR=black]Ezri Dax[/COLOR] [COLOR=black]Julian Bashir[/COLOR] [COLOR=black]Miles O'Brien[/COLOR] [COLOR=black]Worf (again)[/COLOR] [COLOR=black]Jake Sisko[/COLOR] [COLOR=black]Quark[/COLOR] [COLOR=black]Nog[/COLOR] [COLOR=black]Rom[/COLOR] My Thoughts:[COLOR=black] We know Jadzia is dead (shame), Odo went home, Sisko got sent to the Wormhole for eternity, Worf (see above), and no doubt the Ferengi bunch stayed on DS9 (apart from Nog, who is with Starfleet). Julian & Ezri probably got married (unless they didn't work out). Can't think what else..[/COLOR] [COLOR=black]VOY - Voyager:[/COLOR] [COLOR=black]Kathryn Janeway[/COLOR] [COLOR=black]Chakotay[/COLOR] [COLOR=black]Tuvok[/COLOR] [COLOR=black]B'Elanna Torres[/COLOR] [COLOR=black]Tom Paris[/COLOR] [COLOR=black]Harry Kim[/COLOR] [COLOR=black]The Doctor[/COLOR] [COLOR=black]Neelix[/COLOR] [COLOR=black]Kes[/COLOR] [COLOR=black]Seven of Nine[/COLOR] My Thoughts:[COLOR=black] We did see a fair bit from a possible future here. Chances are, some parts would have followed. Harry would have probably got his own ship, Torres and Paris would have raised their daughter, Seven would have experiance humanity.. Kes & Neelix are back home.. Share your thoughts. :) [/COLOR]


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#2 13 years ago

from TOS, McCoy and Scotty are both alive, tho McCoy is in his hundreds and Scotty got stuck in a transporter for many years to prolong his life.

Next Gen: The movie Nemesis is actually very clear. Worf, Picard and B4 stay with the Enterprise, Troi and Riker get a new ship, Data is dead, and Crusher went on to a career back on earth (i believe at the academy)

the rest sound right to me.